Most girls admire the full locks of Beyoncé and Blake Lively, but unfortunately we’re stuck with either short hair that won’t grow or hair that is too thin. A great solution to this is hair extensions! They give your hair that full look you see in magazines and on TV. Why leave all the fun for the celebrities? Extensions improve the length and/or volume of your hair. Extensions may be braided in, glued in, or woven in. For short occasions they may also be clip in. The care for extensions is very easy and if you are willing to do exactly what it takes to care for your hair, it will show. Here at Avissa we do cold and hot fusion extensions along with clip extensions. Hot fusion extensions use melted keratin to stick the new hair to the original hair, while cold fusion is used by attaching the hair by a clamped bead. Fusion extensions allow for a very natural look because the strands are put in one at a time. The clip extensions may be put in and taken out very easily for temporary looks. When choosing a new style for this holiday season, consider extensions for a nice full look while visiting your families this year!



Peace and Hair Grease, Jamie


  1. How much are prises for microbead hair extensions?

  2. Which would be the best hair extensions for kind of fine an thin hair an price for all over.

  3. Emma Holden

    Hello. I am from the U.K. and hoping to move here some day and I’m looking for a extensionist who fit the nano rings plus I have Russian/Mongolian hair do you provide this service? Thanks

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